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Warp 11 Plays Macworld Expo - With Video

Warp 11 Plays Macworld Expo With Video

Last week we reported that LeVar Burton made an appearance at the Macworld "Feature Presentation" in San Francisco.  Well, Geordi wasn't the only special guest with Star Trek cred.  The ever rockin' Warp 11 Spocked out during the Macworld Live presentation on February 12th.

Marworld Live is the talk show-esque presentation, usually hosted by David Pogue, that features prominent fixtures in Apple culture.  This year the twit-a-licious Leo Laporte hosted the show and presented a cavalcade of stars.  Also feature at Macworld Live, Adam Savage (From the Mythbusters), Roger McGuinn (founding Member of the band "The Byrds"), Heather Gold (Comedian).

Who's Warp 11 you say?  Really?  Well friend, they are the most popular Star Trek themed rock band this side of Camp Khitomer.  Here's how Wikipedia breaks it down.

Warp 11 is a rock band from Sacramento, California  that performs original songs with lyrics mostly about Star Trek. Warp 11 music covers a range of styles including alternative, classic rock, punk, country and blues. Their lyrics are humorous and sometimes profane. Warp 11 was interviewed in the Paramount Pictures documentary Trekkies 2. The Warp 11 song "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" was included in the television broadcast of the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner. (source Wikipedia)

Check out links to the Macworld Live audio and video here.

Visit Warp 11's website here.

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