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Klingons Would Definitely Be Early Metallica Fans

Klingons Would Definitley Be Early Metalica Fans

Imagine if you will, a bird of prey on the hunt during the Dominion war.  Slowly stalking it's target, a Jem'hadar fighter. The Klingons uncloak and hit full impulse next to a red giant.  Focused solely on their prey, the great warriors inadvertently slingshot around the star and are sent back to the late 20th century.

Picking up distant radio waves, the communications officer pipes the transmission ship-wide.  The Klingons are intrigued by the most honorable and battle worthy anthem.  It's Metallica's "Shortest Straw" from "And Justice For All".

I think if the Sons of Kahless had arrived in the 80's and were with us today, they would love early Metallica and probably tell great tales of Kirk Hammett's guitaring prowess and James Hetfield's battle worthy mustache.  Sure, they would really be into "Ride the Lightning", "And Justice For All", "Master of Puppets", and "Kill'em All".  Definitely "Kill'em All".

For the later albums... I'm sure there would be many-a-ship-captain killed for suggesting a song from "Load".  "I must hear 'Until it sleeps' AGAIN!" the Captain would demand.  His first officer boiling inside would shout "Your album has NO HONOR!" Proceeded by a Mek'leth to the neck.

Klingons Wailing

I can see it all in my mind, hundreds of Klingons gathered in the great hall, every warrior joining in on a chorus of "Harvester of Sorrow".  Clanging goblets of blood wine spill on the floor.  Suddenly, a hero emerges from the crowd.  It's the Son of Mogh, sliding on his knees and performing a nausicaan slaying air guitar that would make Kahless proud. 

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