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Star Trek Podcast Rollcall - Trekcast and The SciFi Diner Podcast

Star Trek Podcast Rollcall - Trekcast and The SciFi Diner

We listen to tons of podcasts every week, but there are two that have a special place in our eight chambered hearts.  Trekcast and SciFi Diner Pdcast our both friends of the site and have launched two fantastic episodes this week.

First off David, Darren, & Alicia talk all about Star Trek Online.  What's not to talk about? The game just launched and every Ferengi and his brother is online and phasering away.  As usual, they answer your subspace signals and give an all around entertaining show.  Oh, and we learn that plomeek soup is flavorless.  Check out and excerpt from the show notes below.

This week on Trekcast we talk about you guessed it Star Trek Online and if you haven’t given this game a shot you really should we are having a blast and you can even join the official Trekcast fleet “Yes Kill I” we will be hosting in game events so come join us.

Of course this wouldn’t be Trekcast if we didn’t answer some of your emails in our Subspace Signals segment so why dont you grab an ice cold Romulan Ale kick back and join us for episode 58. (source Trekcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

Next up is our good buddies Miles and Scott with SciFi Diner Podcast.  This week the boys talk to none other than our good friend Jerad "Super Spock" Formby.  Be sure to check it out, Jerad could read the phonebook and be entertaining.  You won't be disappointed.

On this science fiction podcast, we will be interviewing Jared Formby from the Trekcast Podcast, the Hey Star Trek Blog, and the Ferengi from the Star Trek Experience.  We’ll also be talking about the launch of Caprica, Avatar’s success, and a SciFi underwater Western called  Dark Life, and a lastly we’ll be talking about the Surrogates DVD release. (source SciFi Diner Podcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

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