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Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Bloopers Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Bloopers Edition

If your here reading this article, more than likely your a Star Trek fan and you probably no that we are too. We love pretty much everything that's available from our favorite sci-fi series, right down to the funny and sometimes just interesting bloopers that happen on set

This leads us into another edition of the Youtube Video Round-up Star Trek Bloopers edition!! (que cheesy echo) We've scoured youtube for bloopers from every series and even Star Trek XII. Set back, relax with a Raktajino and enjoy!

Star Trek: TOS Bloopers (apparently there were lots of door problems in the 60s)

Star Trek: TNG (and the Next Gen cast gets its mouth washed out with space soap)

More TNG Bloopers

And More TNG Bloopers

Deep Space Nine Bloopers (the door problems weren't just in the 60s)

Voyager Bloopers (with a guest spot by Q)

Enterprise Bloopers (It's been a long road....)

And more Enterprise Bloopers (...getting from there to here)

And finally we come to the wildly popular Star Trek XI (with even more lens flares. I couldn't resist.)

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art