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Zachary Quinto "Stepping Away From Trek" For At Least 2 years

Zachary Quinto "Stepping Away From Trek" For At Least 2 years

Don't expect to see Zachary Quinto at any conventions any time soon.  He recently was quoted as saying that he's “...stepping away from Star Trek for at least two years — no movies, no conventions, no anything for a while,".  This of course is probably not counting his recurring role as Spock in Star Trek XII (set for release June 29, 2012)

According to an interview with Wired Gamelife, Zach's appearance in Star Trek Online will be his last for sometime.   However, he did say that his role in ST:O was “ an investment in the fan base”.  As many of you already know, Zach plays the Emergency Medical Hologram in the beginning tutorial for Star Trek Online.

Zach had this to say about his own time spent playing the opening sequence of ST:O. “The appeal is the investment you make,  I was shocked at how much time and energy one could spend on just creating their avatar for the game,”  (source Wired Gamelife)

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