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Roddenberry 70's TV Movie "Quester" To Be Remade

Roddenberry 70's TV Movie "Quester" To Be Remade

In the 70's, after Star Trek's unworthy demise, Gene Roddenberry worked on several TV projects.  A few made it to the small screen as pilots and made for TV movies.  One in particular is going back in the spotlight.  "The Quester Tapes" is a 1974 television movie about an android with incomplete memory tapes who is searching for his creator and his purpose.

According to Rod Roddenberry, "My father always felt that 'Questor' was the one that got away. He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than 'Star Trek.'" The Original "Quester" Starred Robert Foxworth, a well rounded television actor that also had a few stints on Enterprise (as Administrator V'Las in 3 episodes) and Deep Space Nine (as Admiral Leyton, the evil Head of Starfleet in "Home Front" & "Paradise Lost").

Roddenberry productions is teaming up with Imagine Entertainment to revamp the show.  And, according to Airlock Alpha, the "Questor" project will be led by Tim Minear, known for his close working relationship with Joss Whedon in projects like "Angel," "Firefly" and "Dollhouse."  Also, the younger Roddenberry will develop the project along with his right-hand man Trevor Roth. They will be joined on the Imagine side by president David Nevins and executive vice president of development Robin Gurney.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one and will keep you informed if anybmore news about "Quester" should crop up.

For more information, Check out the Roddenberry Productions prese release here.

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