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Trekcast Episode 56 "Open Betazoid" Available To Download

Trekcast Episode 56 "Open Betazoid" Available To Download

Trekcast, the hightest rated Star Trek podcast, has just dropped another episode on all of you unsuspecting sentient lifeforms.  This David, Darren, and Alicia talk all about the Star Trek Online open beta.  It seems to be the news of the day and Trekcast goes into detail covering both pros and cons of the new title.

Welcome to episode 56 of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast this week on Trekcast we discuss all things Star Trek Online, and we are pretty excited about this game so grab a nice glass of Saurian Brandy and listen to what we have to say about Star Trek Online in its current open beta status, and look forward to more updates on the game and where you can find us in-game as well.

Of course this wouldn’t be an episode of Trekcast with out all of the other great things you here week to week on the show including your Subspace Signals, Trivia with Damon, and of course What’s What with Brandi T. Enjoy and we will be back next week with more Trekcast, thanks once again for listening. (source Trekcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

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