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Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Borg Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Star Trek Borg Edition

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. That statement alone is enough to give any space ferrying, warp capable civilization a case of the interstellar runs. We as the audience though, love every second of the space zombie madness.

Not only were the Borg amazing on the small screen throughout the run of Next Gen, but they also graced the silver screen in 1996's Star Trek: First Contact. To take advantage of the blockbuster success of First Contact, Simon & Schuster Interactive released a PC game featuring the non-Swedish foes called "Star Trek: Borg". "I didn't get the opportunity to play it 14 years ago" you say? Well, neither did we. That's where the magic of the interwebs comes into play. The diligant fans over at TrekCore have broken the game down into bite size chunks for you to digest.

But first, let's get a little background info on "Star Trek: Borg".

From the back of the packaging, thanks to Memory Alpha.


You are Cadet Qaylan Furlong. Your father was killed by the Borg in the battle of Wolf 359. Now, ten years later, the Borg are attacking again, and Starfleet won't allow you to stay aboard the Starship USS Cheyenne to avenge your father's death. But Q will.

He'll do better than that, in fact. He will take you back in time ten years and put you on the same ship as your father to give you a chance to save him... and the entire Federation. It's a mission of extreme danger, difficult choices and surprising results.

* Starring Star Trek favorite, John deLancie, reprising his role as 'Q'.
* Brace yourself for 120 minutes of ORIGINAL STAR TREK footage, shot entirely on the sound stages at Paramount Studios.
* This 3 CD-ROM set also includes The Picard Dossier, a comprehensive guide to the Borg.
* Introduces the next generation of full-motion full-frame interactive video technology and represents the highest production quality of any digital video product available anywhere.
* Directed by Jim Conway, directory of numbers STAR TREK epsodes, including the favorite STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE™ episode "Little Green Men".
* Written by Hilary Bader, a writer for many loved STAR TREK episodes.
* Music composed by Dennis McCarthy, composer of the STAR TREK: VOYAGER™ theme.

More from Memory Alpha:

The player takes on the role of Cadet Qaylan Furlong whose father, Lt. Ralph Furlong, was killed during the Battle of Wolf 359. With the help of Q, the player goes back in time to his father's ship, the Excelsior-class USS Righteous, to prevent his death and the destruction of the ship.

Star Trek Borg

We have to say from just watching the gameplay footage, they really pulled out all the stops while filming. From excellent acting from the crew of the USS Righteous (well, maybe the captain over does it a little) and John De Lancie. To the excellent sets (parts from voyager are recycled but still work within the context). We thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos from "Star Trek: Borg" and are sure you will too. Check out the first six videos from TrekCore's Youtube channel below.


Introduction Choice A.

Introduction Choose Again.

Introduction Choice B.

Kill the Drone? Choice A

Kill the Drone? Choice B.

TrekCore has been vigilant in adding the "Star Trek: Borg" videos to Youtube, but not all have made it up on the site just yet. They do however have all of the footage from the game available in WMV format on the TrekCore website.

Check out TrekCore's Youtube channel here.

Check out all of the "Star Trek: Borg" footage in WMV format on TrekCore here.

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