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"They’re just now beginning work on the script" Says J.J. Abrams About Star Trek XII

"They’re just now beginning work on the script" Says J.J. Abrams Abuot Star Trek XII

With little info trickling out about J.J. Abrams's next installment of Star Trek and despite the half-way done claim by Zoe Saldana, it seems work is beginning on Star Trek XII.  In a recent interview with IF Magazine, J.J. reveals that about the progress of the next movie, as well as Leonard Nimoy's continued involvement with Fringe.  Check out the interview excerpt below.

iF MAGAZINE: How hands-on are you with FRINGE these days?

J.J. ABRAMS: You know, Jeff Pinkner and Joel [J.H.] Wyman run the show and are doing an amazing job and I’m in prep on this pilot, so the fact is that lately they’ve been running the whole show. Anything that people like about the show I say is due to the work that they’re doing.

iF: Leonard Nimoy has reportedly said he might not be back as William Bell. Is that entailing any sort of change in storyline?

ABRAMS: No, we’re right on track with the story that we’re going to tell, and there’s a strong chance he’ll be back.

iF: As the FRINGE season progresses, can you say if it’s going to get any more serialized, more stand-alone, or about the balance we’ve seen so far?

ABRAMS: I think that they maintain a nice balance doing episodes that have an overall stand-alone approach but thread in serialized stories. There are some episodes that are more hard-hitting mythology. So I think you’ll probably end up seeing, as it builds to the end, a few more potentially mythology-focused episodes as the season concludes.

iF: Is there anything you can say at this point about STAR TREK 2?

ABRAMS: They’re just now beginning work on the script. (source IF Magazine)

Read the full interview here.

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