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Trek Fan Boldly Goes To Jail For Fighting (In His Uniform)

Trek Fan Boldly Goes To Jail For Fighting (In His Uniform)

While surfing the interwebs, I ran across an article written by Bruce Mckean of the  It seems a fellow Trek Fan got into a bit of trouble for fighting in the town square of Mackay, in Queensland Australia.  Apparently fan Nathan Lewis had been out all night with his other Trek friends and had taken some guff for wearing his uniform out on the town.  From what I can gather, he apparently gave his antagonist a few punches and possibly a Kirk style two-legged jump kick before police intervened.

What's even more interesting about this story is that it made the national news in Australia, simply because Nathan was wearing a Star Trek uniform.  Not only that, but the article pokes fun at Nathan and the situation due to his love of Trek.  I guess even with the success of the new movie, it's still going to be difficult for us to escape the stigma of Trek fandom.  Kudos to Nathan for showing that Gorn the business end of his foot.  Check out the article excerpt below.

NATHAN Lewis was dressed in a Star Trek outfit when he was caught fighting in Mackay’s main street.

So when he got into a spot of turbulance in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday we fully expected him to say: “Beam me up Scotty.”

Or he could have sent a message to Captain James T. Kirk or Doctor Spock for help.

The USS Enterprise may yet even fly the whole Star Trek crew in to fight for him.

Mr Lewis was in a Star Trek outfit and he was seen by police to violently punch another man in the head. Obviously an alien.

The alien, cleverly disguised as a male human being, then punched the Star Trek man.

Police intervened at warp speed and reported to mission control that no-one was injured and no complaints had been made.

Mr Lewis told police he’d been out all night dressed up in fancy dress as a Star Trek character.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to creating a public nuisance.

Duty solicitor Sheena Hayes, of S.R. Wallace and Wallace, said the other man involved in the fight had been giving Mr Lewis and another of his Star Trek crew a hard time all night because of their costumes.

The Universal Peacemaker (Magistrate Damien Dwyer) set the case down for a disputed sentence hearing later this month.

So we could be hearing from Capt Kirk and Dr Spock after all. (source

By the way Bruce, it's Mr. Spock not Dr. Spock.

Read the full article here.


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