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Trekcast Episode 55 Available To Download For Your Vulcan Pleasure

Trekcast Episode 55 Available To Download For Your Vulcan Pleasure

I don't know about you guys, but having to wait two weeks for a new episode of Trekcast seemed like forever.  Today, a brand new episode materialized from the replicator and it wasn't even covered in Grapok sauce.  Ya, know the stuff you serve with bregit lung.  Anyway, check out the long awaited return of our favorite podcast.

So this being a new year and a new decade for that matter we decided to take some time and and ponder the future of Star Trek and that future is Star Trek Online we are definitely excited about this gamer from Cryptic and Atari. The crew will be signing up for the open beta soon and look to this site for the servers we will be on hope some of you will join us so we can explore the galaxy or crush it under our Klingon thumbs.

We also devote some time to that little James Cameron film, maybe you have heard of it’s called Avatar (I kid!). Also in true Trekcast tradition we answer your and delve into all your thought on Star Trek in Subspace Signals which is by the way one of our favorite segments on the show. Of course we also have more great trivia from our buddy Damon and an all new What’s What with Brandi T.  (mine is on the way). (source Trekcast)

Download the episode here.

Read the show notes here.

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