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'Star Trek' Digital Download Not Going Boldy With Some Fans

'Star Trek' Digital Download Not Going Boldy With Some Fans

According to a recent article from IDG News Service, some Trek fans are experiencing difficulties in redeeming their digital download copy of the new J.J. Abrams "Star Trek".  Apparently when fans try to redeem the digital download from their Blu-ray version of the film, the code is coming back as already being used.  Yikes, speculates that some of the codes may have been seeded in torrents around the web.

A representative of Deluxe Digital Studios (posting to an Apple Discussions thread) assures customers that "if they contact support via the website, they will receive a new code for their digital copy of Star Trek for iTunes or Windows Media." (source IDG News Service)

Check out the official Apple support discussion here.

Visit the Digital download support site here.

Read the full IDG News Service article here.

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