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New Website Features The Sound Design & Sound Designers Of Star Trek XI

New Website Features The Sound Design & Sound Designers Of Star Trek XI

As reported by, a new site called SoundWorks Collection puts a spotlight on the sound design & designers of J.J. Abrams's "Star Trek".

In this interesting Video profile we learn that J.J. originally didn't want to put sound in space. In fact they originally looked at the the opening sequence with the Kelvin and Narada without any sound effects. "There was so much interesting action and visual effects happening in space that we've got to do something with sound" says supervising sound editor Mark Stoeckinger.

Check out the SoundWorks Collection video profile below

In this sound for film video profile we answer the question, “Is there sound in outer space?” and “If there is sound in space, what does it sound like?”

The “Star Trek” sound team including Supervising Sound Editor Mark Stoeckinger, Supervising Sound Editor Alan Rankin, Sound Designer Scott Gershin, Sound Designer Ann Scibelli, and Sound Designer Tim Walston talk about the approach and sound design behind the eleventh film based on the Star Trek franchise directed by J.J. Abrams. (source SoundWorks Collection via Wired)

"Star Trek" Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.


About SoundWorks Collection

The goal for the SoundWorks Collection is simple; we are dedicated to profiling the greatest and upcoming sound minds from around the world and highlight their contributions. The SoundWorks Collection is produced by Director Michael Coleman of Colemanfilm Media Group in a partnership with MIX Magazine, several audio focused college schools and programs, and the support of the online sound community worldwide.

The SoundWorks Collection takes you behind the scenes and straight to the dub stage for a look into audio post-production feature films, video game sound design, and original soundtrack scoring. This exclusive and intimate video series focuses on individuals and teams behind-the-scenes bringing to life some of the worlds most exciting projects. (source SoundWorks Collection)


SoundWorks Collection Website

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