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Zombie Redshirt, Uh, Shirt. For Your Last Minute Christmas Shopping Needs

Zombie Redshirt, Uh, Shirt.  For Your Last Minute Christmas Shopping Needs

The closest thing we Trek fans have to Zombies in all of Trekdom, would have to be the borg.  Just think of all the poor redshirts that had to die on various away missions, and suddenly, they are re-animated into a brain eating Zombie horde. Now, you can recreate that with your very own Zombie redshirt, uh, shirt. is the place to grab your undead, security officer or engineer.  Check the product description below.

There are a lot of ways to die if you're a redshirt. You can be shot by a poisonous plant, step on an exploding rock, be struck by lightning, get whacked by a native with a big stick, choke on a dikironium cloud, or, our personal favorite, be beamed down to a planet that's not actually there and get sucked into space, never to be seen again. But it's an entirely different matter when Bones says, "He's undead, Jim." That's way worse than dead, and the entire galaxy could be at risk! Be sure to double tap with your phaser.

Fun factoid: The very first "He's dead, Jim" referred to a dog that had an unfortunate encounter with a transporter. Yeah. You knew that. But what is it with us using dogs for space experimentation? They may be "man's best friend," but, if actions speak louder than words, the feeling's not so much mutual. (Don't worry. We won't be sending any of our puppies into space, fictional or otherwise.)  (source via SciFi Wire)

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