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Trekcast Episode 53 Available For Download

Trekcast Episode 53 Available For Download

A brand new episode of our favorite podcast, Trekcast, is available for your listening pleasure.  This week, David and Darren talk all about Lwaxana Troi and more specifically their love for Majel Roddenberry.  We love and miss Majel and they guys from Trekcast pay great respect to the first lady of Trek.  It's definitely worth a listen.

This week we have an episode full of contributions from some of our great listeners. Romulan Ale brings us up to date on the forums from his winter home on Ferenginar. Speaking of the Ferengi we also have a very special update from everyones favorite Nagus, no not Nog, ex Grand Nagus Zek he gives us his take on all things finance here in this century. We also have a fine Christmas tune composed by the guys over at Babbling Brothers. We’d also like to thank David Kleparek for that intro from Denise Crosby.

Then of course we move onto our topic which is a new one for Trekcast where we will be discussing some of our favorite characters from the Star Trek universe all about them what we like, dislike you name it. So we decided our first subject would be Lwaxana Troi as played by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (one of my favorite Trek personalities). (source

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

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