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'Hey, Star Trek! gotchoo ALTERED STATES!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

'Hey, Star Trek!  gotchoo ALTERED STATES!?' New Blog Post By Jerad Formby

New Hey Star Trek!, gotchoo ALTERED STATES!?  Jerad wonders why the new movie meets with so many angry Trekkies when it's actually the latest in a long line of alternate timelines.  That was Jerad's own synopsis from digg, we think this may be his best work yet!  You be the Judge.

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek is now on DVD. We’re sure most of you have watched it or re-watched it. We especially hope that some of you holdouts saw for the first time. No matter your thoughts on the film and its ramifications, we hope you had fun.

When we were first told that the new movie would feature young James Kirk, there were a number of questions that had to be asked. Most wanted to know if the sets would look the same. We wanted to know what elements known from Trek’s long history were going to be included. We just generally hoped that Bad Robot would do it right.

The movie we got was spectacular and fun. The writers were clever enough to build an unforeseen approach to the material at hand. Their approach now seems so obvious and we should have seen it coming.

They set their movie in an alternate reality.

Our Favorite Part...

Then why mess with Kirk at all? Why go into this alternate reality business and use those characters if the story fans want to see can’t practically be told?

Because Kirk, Spock, and McCoy encompass the most basic Star Trek there is. It’s the most beautiful, purest dose that is Star Trek. This isn’t to say that the other crews aren’t Star Trek, but how many crews does the Trek universe really need? More crews isn’t the answer.

The answer is getting people to fall back in love with the original crew of the Enterprise. It’s from there that the gate opens to a wide and wonderful 40 year canon of other movies and shows –many of which new fans will experience for the first time. (source

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