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Answers - The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Carbon Creek'

Trivia Tribble

Here are the answers to this week's installment of The Trivia Tribble Presents. If you haven't tried your hand at the challenge check out the quiz. Big thanks to the Trivia Tribble David Kleparek for providing the fantastic content.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Season 2, Episode 2 “Carbon Creek”

Grading at the bottome of the page.

Questions and Answers (in Bold)

1. In what year did the Vulcans make official first contact with Zefram Cochrane? 2063 (5 April)

2. In what state is Carbon Creek located? Pennsylvania

3. Before T’Pol what was the longest a Vulcan had served aboard a human ship? Ten Days

4. What are T’Pol, Trip and Archer drinking? Wine

Trivia Tribble

5. What were T’Pol, Trip and Archer celebrating when T’Pol told her story? Her 1-year anniversary of becoming a crewmember aboard Enterprise

6. Why did the Vulcan vessel go to Earth in 1957? To investigate the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik

7. What type of game did Maggie take Mestral to see? Baseball

8. Where did the Vulcans make official first contact with Zefram Cochrane? Bozeman, Montana

9. What was Mestral watching on the TV in the bar? An atomic bomb test (at White Sands, NM)

Trivia Tribble

10. What species forwarded the distress signal to the Vulcan high command? Tellarite

11. What is a Vulcan second foremother? A mother’s mother’s mother

12. What jobs did the Vulcans get? Barmaid (T’Mir), plumber (Stron) and miner (Mestral)

13. What does Mestral use to free the trapped minors? A particle weapon

Trivia Tribble

14. Trip: “Two Vulcans stroll into a bar, hustle a few games of pool and walk out with an armload of TV dinners. It sounds like an old episode of the Twilight Zone.

15. How did T’Pol respond to Trip when he said: “This is like finding out that Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man to walk on the moon?” Perhaps he wasn’t


1-5: Your second foremother is discovered, kidnapped and taken back to Area 51 for “inspection.”
6-10: Your second foremother is trapped on Earth with Mestral. She has to constantly remind him never to take his hat off.
11-15: Your second foremother escapes Earth but contaminate its culture with that insidious Velcro.
16+: You next tell Archer and Trip of another Vulcan that visited Earth in order to capture some whales. Everybody laughs over another bottle of wine.

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