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Star Trek XI On A USB Stick? You Bet Your Pointed Ears!

Star Trek XI On A USB Stick? You Bet Your Pointed Ears!

Thanks to contributor A.J. Gonzalez for making us aware of this.  Star Trek XI is now available on it's own Delta Shield shaped USB drive. Heck, I just want the Delta Shield!  Here's what A.J. had to say about it.

Over at they are selling a Starfleet Insignia shaped USB drive with Star Trek 2009 (on board).  You can play the movie on five different devices and also burn it to a dvd.

Generally speaking I tend to steer clear from things like this for a few reasons.  First you miss out on all of the DVD extras typically due to space restrictions.  Second the movie always comes with some sort of restriction due to DRM. (Digital Rights Management.)  In this case you get to play it on 5 different computers and that's it.  You can never play it on anything else besides those five computers.

This will probably only appeal to hard core collectors.  For the rest of us I think the best route to go would be to go with the DVD or Blu Ray version of the film. (Which also come with digital copies.)

Info from Below.

- Film supplied on a 4GB USB stick, of which about 1GB is taken up by the film
- Collectable item - individually numbered
- One off print run
- DIVX certified DRM, compatible with PC or MAC OS
- Up to 5 device licenses
- Option to burn to DVD
- Unlimited viewing on registered devices

Check it out here.

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