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Answers - The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Relativity'

Answers - The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Relativity'

Here are the answers to this week's installment of The Trivia Tribble Presents. If you haven't tried your hand at the challenge check out the quiz here. Big thanks to the Trivia Tribble David Kleparek for providing the fantastic content.

Star Trek: Voyager
Season 5, Episode 24 “Relativity”

Grading at the bottome of the page.

Questions and Answers (in Bold)

1. How many different time periods does Seven of Nine visit during this episode? 4 (1) before Voyager was launched, (2) when Voyager is destroyed, (3) the 29th century and (4) during the Kazon attack)

2. What is this a zoomed-in image of? The Captain’s chair

Trivia Tribble

3. Lieutenant Ducane: “Remember the Temporal Prime Directive; discuss your experiences with no one.” (Six words)

4. What’s the first thing Captain Janeway orders from the replicator in her ready room? Coffee, Black

5. What was Seven of Nine’s opinion of the briefing room? (Five words) “It is an efficient design”



6. In what century does the USS Relativity exist? The 29th Century

7. About how many surgical procedures are programmed into the EMH? “Over 5 Million”

8. How many decks does Voyager have? 15

9. Where was the USS Voyager constructed? The Utopia Planitia Shipyards

Trivia Tribble

10. What type of paradox is “a causality loop in which interference to prevent an event actually triggers the same event?” A Pogo Paradox

11. Who is the captain of the USS Relativity? Captain Braxton

12. Tom and Seven played a ping-pong game against what two crew members? B’Elanna Torres and Harry Kim

13. What is this device? A Temporal Disruptor

Trivia Tribble

14. Lieutenant Ducane: “I’m taking command of this vessel and I’m relieving you of duty for crimes you’re going to commit.” (Four words)

15. How many times did Seven of Nine die trying to help save Voyager? Two (Lieutenant Ducane mentions that they recruited her once before)


1-5: Voyager is destroyed.

6-10: You made too many temporal jumps. For the rest of your life you suffer from temporal psychosis, otherwise known as ‘not liking Star Trek: Voyager.’ What a shame.

11-15: You stop Captain Braxton and save the ship.

16+: You take over the USS Relativity and go back and remake this episode. This time you correct all the continuity errors.

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