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Trekcast Episode 45 Released Featuring Robert Picardo, Available For Download

Trekcast Episode 32 Released Featuring Robert Picardo Available For Download

This week, Trekcast offers something very special... An interview with ultimately human holographic doctor from Star Trek: Voyager; Robert Picardo. 

That's fantastic, Trekcast has always been a wonderful outlet for us fans to Talk Trek.  Now, we can also get insight into Voyager and other projects Robert has worked on, thanks to the fine folks at our favorite podcast!

This week we dive right into some of your Subspace Signals (emails) because its been along time since we have been able to get to them some, so we take on some of your thoughts and ideas in the Trek universe.

Then if that wasn’t enough for you we have a couple of special guests on this weeks episode, joining us over Subspace Communique is none other than Mr. Robert Picardo everyone’s favorite E.M.H. from Star Trek: Voyager and Father Curtis Webster. They have joined us here on Trekcast to talk about a great event The Spirit of Star Trek that takes place on the 11th of October 7 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Encino, so if your in the area and would like to attend you can call Amber and make a reservation at (818)788-1147 or you can click on the links above for more details.

If all that’s not enough for you Hu-Mons we have an all new Brandi T. and we also have are trivia guy on Damon Shaw to clear the air over his previous installment of trivia. Which Starfleet Captain made first contact with the Borg (I disagreed with his answer) but we leave it in your capable hands to ultimately decide.

We also wanted to let everyone know that sometime in the future we here at Trekcast are going to be planning a Starfleet march here in Las Vegas and it should shape up to be an incredible time look forward to more updates on the site as we move forward with this great event. (source Trekcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here.

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