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eFX Mark IX Tricorder Available For Pre-order. With Brent Spiner Autograph.

eFX Mark IX Tricorder Available For Pre-order. With Brent Spiner Autograph.

Since the licensing announcement, eFX has wasted no time in setting up pre-orders for their upcoming Mark IX Tricorder. Calling it the Starfleet Mark IX Science Tricorder Brent Spiner Edition, the final product will include Brent Spiner's signature somewhere on the prop (We hope). There are still pre-orders left according the eFX website, but since the pre-orders started less than three days ago and almost 25% are gone, don't expect them to last long. Pre-order here.

Info from the eFX site.

Essential equipment for Starfleet personnel, the tricorder is a versatile and portable, handheld scanning device that has proven to be invaluable to crew members whether on a starship or an away mission.

Capable of performing scans, analyzing data and sharing it quickly and efficiently with other devices, starships or Starfleet command, the tricorder has other valuable functions. It can record trials, play holographic messages and its universal translator allows it to communicate with non-Starfleet computer systems. It can even sync with other units to form a complex and powerful computer network.

The TR-590, or Mark IX Science Tricorder, replaced the TR-580 as standard issue equipment. It retains all of the functions of its predecessor and delivers more in a smaller, more streamlined design. (source

Video of the Tricorder in action.

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