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Ya Liked Nero's Duds? Now, You Can Dress Like A Romulan.

Ya Liked Nero's Duds? Now, You Can Dress Like A Romulan.

In Star Trek XI, Nero was the swankiest dressed protagonist this side of the Hobus Star.  He and his crew of rough-and-tumble space miners wear their futuristic alien fashions with style and elegance.  Now, the latest in Romulan outwear can be yours for the taking.   Thanks to contributor A.J. Gonzalez for sending us a link to the raddest thing ever.  Senator Vreenak thanks you!

Offered through their site; Romwear, fantastic futuristic fashions (couldn't resist), is brought to you by the same designers who were contracted in 2007 by Paramount Pictures to create over 300 original costume pieces for the Romulans in the Star Trek movie (2009), directed by J. J. Abrams.

The site offers everything from Nero's long coat, Ayel's jacket, and several vest and shirt types to the pants and boots worn by Nero and his crew. Each article ordered is custom made just as they were for the film.  Now, the prices are steep, but you have to remember that these are custom made to fit.  Pretty amazing that the outfits are even available for purchase.

Check out the photos and links below.

Nero's long coat


Ayel's Jacket


Deck Pants


Romulan Tabi Boots


Check out for more details.

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