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Kate Mulgrew, Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Kate Mulgrew, Dragon Age: Origins Interview

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Kate Mulgrew talks about her role in Bioware's forthcoming release Dragon Age: Origins.  She also discusses her character "Flemeth" and how liberating it can be to work as a voice actor.

GameSpot: You have very broad experience in TV, film, and theater. Tell us your thoughts on taking this different path of being a voice actor for a game.

Kate Mulgrew: Well, there's nothing more liberating, in a way. This is every actor's true dream. I've likened it to going into a dark room with a very smart child who demands an epic story on the spot--one that will change their life. And you have two flashlights, and you have that moment captured in time, and you get to just go, and the kid is going to go with you. So, it's a beautiful little journey you get to take.

In this particular case, the character of Flemeth would be just about every actress' dream because the vocal dexterity required is both challenging and very freeing…almost joyful to go that deep. She's dark. The game itself is epic, dark, and brutal, but it's very smart. So I'm always engaged. Everything that comes out my mouth is very important.

[The Flemeth character] is pivotal. She's a witch, but she's mysterious, and you have to stay with the game and stay with the character to discover just how mysterious she is. There are undercurrents and secrets to her, and when you understand that hers is a history rich in despair and loss, then you can grasp her fury and her power in a different way. And as an actor, being able to know that--and I know that people playing this game may not know that, and even our hero [of the game] doesn't know that yet--there's a sense of great adult play.

GS: Interesting. You suggest that being a voice actor is a bit more freeing than being an actor in a traditional production. There's no makeup, there's no costumes…

KM: That's exactly right. You've got the script in front of you, and you've got the [audio] engineer. And for some reason, it takes me back to the absolute core of who I am--as an imaginative person, as an artist--and that is to tell the story, in the moment. And being one of eight children, I often did this in the closet in my room, and it was better than being on Broadway! (laughs) It was great. (source Gamespot)

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