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Answers - The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Course: Oblivion'

Answers - The Trivia Tribble Presents: 'Course: Oblivion'

Here are the answers to this week's installment of The Trivia Tribble Presents. If you haven't tried your hand at the challenge check out the quiz here. Big thanks to the Trivia Tribble David Kleparek for providing the fantastic content.

Star Trek: Voyager
Season 5, Episode 16 “Course: Oblivion”

Grading at the bottome of the page.

Questions and Answers (in bold)

1. Where was Tom planning to take B’Elanna for their honeymoon? - Chicago (on the holodeck of course)

2. Who was holding the wedding ring that B’Elanna gave to Tom? - Chakotay

3. What is falling through the ship? - Rice

Trivia Tribble

4. B’Elanna had asked Janeway to forgo the Klingon ritual of what during the wedding? - Painstiks

5. Who was the first crewmember to die from the molecular decohesion? - B’Elanna Torres

6. What is in the container? - Biomimedic fluid (melted B’Elanna)

Trivia Tribble

7. What was B’Elanna’s first symptom? - She was cold

8. What was causing the molecular decohesion to occur? - The enhanced warp drive

9. What did Janeway say was Voyager’s mission?  - “To reach the alpha quadrant safe and sound”



10. Where was the home planet of the biomimedic duplicates? - The Demon Class planet

11. In what State was Captain Janeway born? - Indiana

12. Who became chief medical officer after the holographic emitters went down? - Neelix

13. What are B’Elanna and Tom holding? - The holodeck program for their honeymoon

Trivia Tribble

14. Who caught B’Elanna’s bouquet at the wedding? - Seven of Nine

15. Janeway: “This crew’s existence may have been brief, but it’s been distinguished.”


1-5: Due to your failure, the crew melts into a million pieces.

6-10: You all melt, but you are able to launch the ‘time capsule’ so your story can live on.

11-15: You survive just long enough to make it back to the Demon Class planet.

16+: You are successful and survive. You begin a new mission chronicled in the spin-off series “Star Trek: Biomimedic Duplicates.”

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