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Special Edition Spock 'Beaming' Bobble Head Debuting At Comic-Con

Special Edition Spock 'Beaming' Bobble Head Debuting At Comic-Con

Bobble heads, who doesn't love them?  Well if you're a collector of Star Trek bobble heads, here's your chance to check out a special edition at Comic-Con. 

The Star Trek Spock Transporting Bobble Head should not be confused with the regular old Star Trek Captain Kirk Talking Bobble Head, since this one is much, much cooler. This Star Trek bobble head is extra special because it has a clear body. Tap Spock’s  little head and his see-through body will light up - beam me up Scotty style.

So what if Kirk gets all the girls, Spock can use the transporter! This bobble head will debut as a Comic-Con 2009 Entertainment Earth Exclusive and is currently available for preorder for $13.99. There will only be 1,500 pieces available, so get them while they’re hot.

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