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'I thought the feature was magnificent' Says Tim Russ About Star Trek XI

'I thought the feature was magnificent' Says Tim Russ About Star Trek XI has posted an interesting interview with Voyager cast member Tim Russ.  In the interview Tim discusses 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men', what he misses most from Voyager, Star Trek Rebooted, and the addition of Seven-of-Nine to the cast.

1-  How did you get involved with the unofficial Star Trek film Of Gods and Men?

I was approached by Sky Conway about directing an independent Trek Feature.  He didn't have  script at that time so we collaborated on a story with Ethan Cawlk and Jack Trevino.

2- How was directing such Star Trek icons as Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols? 

They were both very surprising in what they brought to their respective roles.  

Nichelle, had just come off of working her own feature so she had some changes she brought to dialogue and such at last minute, but we got through it okay.  On occasion there were some differences in interpretation or line choices but we worked throught those also.

3- Are you happy with the positive fan response regarding Of Gods and Men?

The response was wonderful and yes I was very pleased with it.

4- Is there a the possibility of a sequel to Of Gods and Men? Or another independent Star Trek movie?

Not at present.

5- What is your opinion about J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot?

Some of the plot was similar to Of Gods and Men.  I thought the feature was magnificent. They did an excellent job of telling a story that anyone, even those unfamiliar with Trek could appreciate, and that was smart.

6- Now, lets speak about Voyager. You have criticized in the past the changes with Seven of Nine joining the crew. Can you explain?

I just thought her character was designed for to "sex up" the show.  The actress was very talented and did a great job in her work.  But I thought the character was too much like Tuvok's in her behavior.

7- What do you miss most about working on Voyager?

I miss working with my cast mates and the crew. They were what made it fun on those long days and nights. (source

Read the rest of the interview here.


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