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Rock Out With Your Spock Out On Etsy

Rock Out With Your Spock Out On Etsy

On a recent trip to we noticed lots of Star Trek inspired handy crafts.  What really caught our eye was the vast amount of Spock inspired items.  Here are a few links to some of the Vulcan-ized items that we found.

Spock the USB drive


Usb drives can't be cute! Or can they?

Spock Jr. is a handmade, handstitched mod of a 2GB USB 2.0 flash drive. His aim in life is to store all your data in that wonderful head of his...and retrieve it all in seconds!

This is my own original adaptation of a favourite Star Trek hero.

A handy little gift for Trekkies, geeks, nerds, wired-up teens, tech-savvy adults... anyone who's got data to take around with them!

This miniature felt stuffed doll comes with a grosgrain lanyard (decorated with vintage buttons), certificate, and his own specially-designed gift box. All ready for you to give away...or keep all to yourself! (source

Spock the Kokeshi doll

one vulcan inspired doll...

the doll itself is made from 2 separate wood pieces...
each piece is sanded down & connected by wooden dowel; to allow for movement of the head...

each doll is individually hand-painted using acrylic paints, then signed & dated by the artist; muluc of temple 7e... (source

Spock the 16th President

Offered is a photo print of the highest quality, using archival inks and paper. The photo print is mounted on acid free heavy card stock for added durability. The card also comes with a clear UV protective sleeve. These standard ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") cards are a limited edition of 100 card.

All cards are signed stamped and numbered by the artist.
The original acrylic painting is by Dave Miles. We affectionately call it Splincoln, the love child between Spock and Lincoln of course!

This is for #29/100 (source

Spock the Monkey (...hey, hey.)

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer and Trekkies! Make Spock Monkey yourself and give him your own personal touch.

Kit Contents:

- 1 pair of Original Rockford Red-Heel Socks
- Instructions on how to make the sock monkey itself
- Pattern pieces and instructions on how to assemble the shirt
- 1 piece of black felt
- 1 piece of light blue felt
- 1 pair of button eyes
- 1 pre-printed iron-on Star Trek logo for shirt

Spock the POP Art Icon

This is an original art piece featuring Spock, drawn in the trademark Neil Jam style. This was made with prismacolor markers and brush pen on a 2.5"x3" sheet of bristol board. It is signed on the back and comes shipped in a fun lil' picture frame. The perfect gift for the Trekkie in your life! (source

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art