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Star Trek XII Possibly 18 Months Away Says Simon Pegg

Star Trek XII Possibly 18 Months Away Says Simon Pegg

In a recent interview with, Simon Pegg talks about Hollywood, why he prefers living in London, and the possible release timeline for Star Trek XII.

Simon Pegg thinks Hollywood is a "very friendly place" but insists his heart belongs in London.

The 'Star Trek' actor said: "It's very easy to knock Los Angeles because it is very image-driven, but it is also a very friendly place in most areas. If I was in LA right now, I'd be down at the King's Head in Santa Monica, sipping a few beers.

"There is a cool British community, but I wouldn't want to go and live over there - my family and friends are all still in North London."

Simon also spoke about the possible sequel to 'Star Trek', in which he played Scotty.

He added: "I know the writers are busy thinking about it. I don't really know anything about the story, or if I'm in a bigger role, but I'd imagine we'll be back this time next year. That's not official, but I reckon it's probably about 18 months away from being in the cinema."  (source

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