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Dan Madsen Collection Going On Sale

Dan Madsen Collection Going On Sale

Dan Madsen, the former president of both Star Trek & Star Wars fan clubs, is putting some of the items from his extensive collection on sale in Colorado.  As reported by, the sale will happen June 27th at Cheapo Discs, 2162 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO from 10AM to 4PM.

Below we have a brief backstory to Dan's involvement with both Star Trek & Star Wars fan clubs from

We knew Dan when he was still running the Star Trek Fan Club out of his parents' basement. In fact, I remember visiting him once at his parent's home and being amazed at how much stuff he had crammed into such a small area. There were pictures, posters, files and other 'treasures' strewed everywhere. Dan had just finished doing an interview for the Star Trek Fan Club magazine and he was all excited about getting it ready for the next issue. Dan has always loved Star Trek and it certainly shows - based on all the work he's done for the show over the years. In 1982, Dan received a call from Paramount Studios and Gene Roddenberry. They wanted him to run the Official Star Trek Fan Club.

Gratefully, Dan accepted and as they say, the rest is fandom history. His enthusiasm and professionalism made the Star Trek Fan Club a great information source for Star Trek Fans everywhere. At one time the magazine had over 105,000 subscribers. That’s pretty incredible for a magazine that started out in a basement!

In 1987, because of the great work Dan had done with Star Trek, he was approached by LucasFilm to run their official fan club. First covering all things LucasFilm, Dan went on to publish the Official Star Wars and the Star Wars Insider magazines. Dan has also published several other genre magazines including: Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Willow and Lord of the Rings. (source

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