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Jack Black Not Playing Harry Mudd, For Now.

Jack Black Not Playing Harry Mudd, For Now.

With all the rumors flying about the internet, one of the most interesting was Jack Black playing Harry Mudd in the Star Trek XII.  I know we would love to see the return of Harry Mudd and if anyone could play him it would be JB.  Ain't it cool news contacted J.J. Abrams Directly about the rumor and here's J.J.'s Response.

Yes, talking to Jack Black about doing something -- but not Mudd.

Bryan, Damon, Alex and Bob and I have not had MEETING ONE about a sequel.

Brief, casual, blue-sky conversations, of course. But "okay, what's next for The Crew?" Not a meeting. So any character decisions, let alone actor discussions, feel like a ways away.

I can tell you one thing. For the sequel? I think we should have a shitload more lens flares.

Hope your summer is going well -- DYING to see The Hangover.

Talk soon, Sir!

JJ  (source Ain't it cool news)

Read the full article here.

So, that leaves the question; what is J.J. talking to Jack Black about?  A short stubby Khan Noonien Singh?  A human size tribble?  Only time will tell.

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