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Playmates Says More 'Star Trek' Action Figures On The Way

More 'Star Trek' Action Figures On The Way

As reported by Action Figure Insider, Playmates Toys has more 'Star Trek' action figures in the works.  We could see a new Kirk & Scotty Galaxy Collection figures as soon as August. And, if sales support it we could see 'Star Trek' figures all the way through 2010 with possible USS Kelvin charaters.

Action Figure Insider:  Shortly after Toy Fair, another site reported there would be running changes to the pack in figures in both the Bridge and Transporter playsets (Kirk would switch to the black-shirt uniform and Scotty would switch to his ice planet clothes).  Can you elaborate on this and when we can expect to see these changes at retail?

Playmates Toys: After reviewing, we decided we would incorporate Kirk in his black-shirt and Scotty in his ice planet clothes into the regular 3.75” figure assortment versus making a running change and incorporating these figures into the play sets.

AFi: When are new waves of product due in stores, especially the 3-3/4" Galaxy Collection?

PM: The next wave of 3.75” and 6”  figures should start hitting retail shelves in early August.

AFi: Can you reveal lineups for upcoming waves of figures?

PM: We will be announcing the next wave of 3.75” and 6” figures soon.  We want to make sure we have full licensor approval before we make the announcement.

AFi:  If sales support it, how far do you see the Star Trek line going?  Could Playmates sustain the line up until the eventual sequel with fresh product?

PM: If sales support it we can continue developing new figures through 2010.   

AFi: Does your license cover any sequels?

PM: No, our license was just for this movie.

AFi: Can we expect to see figures of any of the alien characters that peppered the background of the movie?

PM: Yes, they are part of our ’09 figure plans. (Sorry, I can’t give you the details just yet on what characters are planned for the next wave).

AFi: Any plans for figures of the crew of the USS Kelvin?

PM: Again, without getting into any details just yet, Yes!

AFi: It’s pretty well-known that there was a sequence filmed with Nero on the Klingon prison planet, Rura Penthe, that was cut from the final film.  Should this sequence be added to the DVD release would Playmates consider figures from it such as the Klingon guards and Nero in his prison clothes?

PM: Yes, we would consider figures based on that scene.  I haven’t heard whether or not the cut sequences will be added to the DVD.

AFi: Are there plans for any vehicles scaled for the 3-3/4" figures such as a shuttlecraft?

PM: Without releasing any details just yet, YES! (source Action Figure Insider)

Read the full article here.

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