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Retro Star Trek Toy Commercials Found On Youtube

Retro Star Trek Toy Commercials Found On Youtube

While searching through youtube last night looking for the infamous 'Stage 9 Interlopers' video (which has been taken down), we stumbled upon several retro commercials for the old Mego line of Star Trek toys.

The clips feature commercials for ships from 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture', ST:TMP communicator, figures from TOS, and a TOS Phaser game. Plus, we found a super cool video of a fan made bridge scaled for the Mego figures with working lights and sounds. Enjoy.

Saucer seperation on the Enterprise-A?

Mego Action Figures.

ST: TMP Mego Communicator

Mego Star Trek Phaser Game

Fan Made Mego Scale TOS Bridge

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art