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Shatner Chats Tekwar Graphic Novel & Raw Nerve

Shatner Chats Tekwar Graphic Novel & Raw Nerve

In a recent article with Wired Magazine, William Shatner talks about everything but Star Trek.  A new 'Tekwar' graphic novel, more 'Raw Nerve', and possibly a remake of 'T.J. Hooker' are all on The Shats radar.

For starters, there’s the graphic novel venture titled William Shatner Presents: The Tekwar Chronicles. “It’s been a great experience returning to that world,” Shatner said of his crew neck-monakered hero (Jake Cartigan) and the drug war against the title’s new age narcotic. “The publisher is Bluewater Productions, and I’ve enjoyed working with them. Preparing a comic book is unlike working in any other medium — guiding the project from script through to the final pages. The challenges have been fun.”

He’s also preparing new episodes of his Bio Channel talk show, Shatner’s Raw Nerve. The one-on-one interview program aspires to surprise its guests, ranging from Leonard Nimoy (an actor who transitioned to taking photos of nude women) to Jenna Jameson (an actress who has appeared in many photos as a naked woman).

“It’s an opportunity that came along I never could’ve anticipated,” Shatner said. “And I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turned out. There are moments in which the audience is discovering new aspects of each guest along with me, and I’ve come away from each show wishing we’d have had more time to explore.”

Shatner would not confirm if a Frank Miller-esque take on T.J. Hooker is in the offing. (source Wired)

Read the full article here.

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