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Master Replicas Aquired By Factory Entertainment

Master Replicas Aquired By Factory Entertainment

As reported by, Master Replicas has been Acquired by Factory Entertainment.  Know for their higher end prop replicas and ship models including Star Trek licensed items, Master Replicas has hit hard times as of late and this acquisition could save the brand.

"We are enthusiastic about pursuing licensing for the things we have a passion for, and Star Trek is at the top of our list," said Barry Eldridge, formerly with Master Replicas, who heads the U.S. office of Factory Entertainment.

Factory Entertainment is a new entity, and all of the licenses held by Master Replicas must be renegotiated. Master Replicas was formerly controlled by Corgi International Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Standing orders for the U.S.S. Enterprise Limited Edition replica, priced at $1,199, and for the Starfleet Assault Phaser replicas, which are in stock but dwindling, will be filled by Factory Entertainment. The Mark IX Science Tricorder replica had production problems and has been put on hold and standing orders cancelled.  (source

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