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Klingon Translated Anti-virus Available For Download. Qapla'!

Klingon Translated Anti-virus Available For Download. Qapla'!

That's right fellow warriors, as reported by PCWorld a Klingon translated anti-virus software program is here.  Now you can spend less time on your infernal computer and more time sharpening your bat'leth.  Qapla'!

To help Worf and his compatriots in their trek for PC security, anti-virus maker Sophos has translated one of their tools into Klingon. Yes, really. It's now available as a free download from

Sophos' Graham Cluely says the app is a working, translated version of Sophos' Threat Detection Test, which is not the full Sophos antivirus product, but can run an on-demand virus scan alongside your existing antivirus protection. The app (both the translated and English versions) isn't meant to replace AV, but to instead provide an additional scan to see if your current program has missed anything. (source PCWorld)

Read the full article here.

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