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Saldana Concerend About Pllaying Uhura til She Talked To Nichols

Saldana Nervous About Pllaying Uhura Until She Talked To Nichols

As reported by, Zoe Saldana was concerned about playing Nyota Uhura and the history surrounding the charater.  That is, until she talked to Nichelle Nichols.

"There was this overall happiness and excitement that 'Star Trek' was coming back and that we were stepping into the family," Saldana says. "It made it much easier for us to approach this character, not only remembering the fundamental essences of all of them, but also not to be afraid to add any innovation."

There is no character in the new film that gets more innovation than Uhura. She's involved in a story line that goes into a completely different galaxy as far as the character is concerned.

Saldana thought director J.J. Abrams had lost his mind when she first read the script.

"I kept saying, 'This man's crazy! J.J.'s out of his mind. I'm not that aware about 'Star Trek,' but I do know that they never mingled. It's crazy!'" Saldana says. "And then, once I finished the script, it made so much sense." (source

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