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Youtube Video Round-up

Youtube Video Round-up: Deforest Kelley Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Deforest Kelley Edition

Yesterday on our Facebook page we posted a link to a Deforest Kelley video montage of his pre-Trek days as a cowboy and western movie star. This got us to thinking, that it's time for another edition of our famous Star Trek Youtube Video Round-up series.

Our favorite spacefaring country doctor is the focus of this episode. We found lots of great videos and fond memories of De Kelley, from a 1976 interview on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow program to rare footage from the 1995 Creation Grand Slam in L.A.. Check out the Videos below and, we sure do miss you De!

DeForest Kelley's gun-slinging days

Youtube Video Round-up: Lenoard Nimoy Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Lenoard Nimoy Edition

As Trek fans, there are certain things that are a given. First, we think that Gene Roddenberry's vision for the future is something humanity can strive after. Second, we would give up an apendage to actually live in the 23rd and 24th century (maybe that's just me), and lastly that Leonard Nimoy has played an amazing role in Trekdom.

With that in-mind, we've scoured Youtube for videos to add to our latest Youtube Video Round-up: The Leonard Nimoy edition. And, we think we've found some gems. Check them out below.

In the middle of the Earth, from the land of Shire, there's a great litle Vulcan that we all admire......

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup - THE SHAT EDITION

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup - The Shat Edition

It's time once again for us to dive deep into youtube and find the very "best" in Star Trek related videos, for you, the humble reader. No, there will be no keyboard cats or hamsters on a piano here. This is a very special Star Trek Video Roundup, that's right, it's THE SHAT EDITION.

William Shatner is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. He's much like our yellow sun, you can't stare direclty at him. You must somehow obscure his shape as to grab a glimpse of his beautiful and mysterious aura. Here are some brief glimpses into what makes The Shat a true phenomenon.

Here's irrefutable proof, the Shat DOES indeed say Sabataage.

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup

Star Trek Youtube Video Roundup

While coasting around Youtube, we found several Star Trek related videos that we've never seen before. Always wanting to share with our fellow trekkers, we thought we would put together a simple post with links to some of the highlights.

The first video is a fantastic interview with our favorite bartender Quark. Well, Armin Shimmerman. He seems like a terrifically down-to-earth kinda guy. Being under his employ at Quarks bar for over 8 years, Darren Benjamin from Trekcast reaffirms that. Well, maybe he didn't work for Armin but he did work for Quark.

Armin Shimmerman Interview

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art