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Trek Culture

Bye Bye Robot Officially Releases Eight New Posters

We’re pleased to announce the official release of Bye Bye, Robot’s eight newest posters. If you attended Vegas Khhaaan this year and stopped by the Bye Bye, Robot booth you had the inside scoop and saw them (early) in person. Maybe you were even there while Ira Steven Behr (writer of TNG’s “Captains’s Holiday”) signed a copy of the new “Escape to Risa” poster. I know I was, and it was a blast! Well, for the rest of humanity (and extraterrestrials, alike), who didn’t have the pleasure of spending a week in Vegas reveling in all things Trek, we’re here to tell you all about the new posters.

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 21 Featuring Paul McGillion

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 21 Featuring Paul McGillion

We’re pleased to announce episode 21 of our “Life After Trek” podcast, featuring Paul McGillion. Many of you know Paul from his work on Stargate: Atlantis as character Carson Beckett, but did you know that he also had a cameo in J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek and was even considered for the character of Scotty?...but I’m getting ahead of the game here.  Being huge fans of Paul from his time on Atlantis and A Dog’s Breakfast (just to name a few), we were thrilled to chat with him to find out what he’s been up to lately.

We Might See Warp Drive Within Our Lifetimes

Dude, for real?!?! Yep, that’s the scuttlebutt! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for this news since I was a kid. If they get in high gear, I may actually fall within the age-range to see Warp Drive.

What’s this all about? Well, back in ’94 Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre put forth a concept for a real warp drive which at that time was impossible, mainly due to the immense fuel requirements.

George Takei's "Allegiance" Musical Now Playing At The Old Globe In San Diego

George Takei's "Allegiance" Musical Now Playing At The Old Globe In San Diego

For the past couple of years we've been bringing you news of George Takei's Allegiance - A New American Musical, based on his experience in the Japanese-American interment camps of WWII. Now, the musical is headlining at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego through October 21st. Starring George as Sam Kimra an elderly veteran and war hero from World War II, the play also stars Lea Salonga as Kei Kimura, Telly Leung as Sammy Kimura, with Michael K. Lee, Paul Nakauchi, Alle Trimm, and Paolo Montalban.

Best Birthday Wishes To Star Trek's Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig has had quite a week. As many of you know,on Monday he was honored with his long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and had a star studded celebration to boot. Today he turns 76 years young, so you could say that his birthday present came just a few days early. We'd like to wish Walter a very happy birthday and share a few videos spanning his wonderfully rich career in Hollywood.

Star Trek: TNG's LeVar Burton Joins The AIDS Research Alliance's Board Of Directors

Child literacy advocate and Star Trek: The Next Generation Star, LeVar Burton, will be joining the AIDS Research Alliance's Board of Directors. LeVar has been their national spokesman for over a year now and will play a key role in shaping AIDS Research Alliance’s program and fundraising.

Roddenberry Entertainment's "White Room: 02B3" wins Innovative Filmmaking Award At Burbank International Film Festival

We first heard of the groundbreaking Roddenberry Entertainment film project White Room: 02B3 back at Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 and have been intrigued since. After its international premiere in London earlier this year, White Room has made the rounds landing at San Diego Comic-Con in July and recently appearing at the Burbank International Film Festival. Not only did the film wow audiences with its 360-degree HD panoramic video, it also took home the festival's President’s Award for Innovation in Filmmaking.

Space, The Final Frontier... 46 Years Of Star Trek

Space, The Final Frontier... 46 Years Of Star Trek

46 years ago today, Star Trek launched its 5 year mission. Unfortunately it only lasted 3 in its original form, but Trek as we now know it consists of over 700 hours of television and movies. It seems that this year Star Trek is getting more press than usual on its anniversary. Google, Oreo, and websites the world over are celebrating the launch of Trek. Some even proclaiming today as Star Trek day. Of course, we're not complaining.

Google Celebrates The 46th Anniversary Of Star Trek With A Special Doodle

Okay, so maybe we're biased, but this has got to be the best doodle that Google has released. If you haven't visited, you definitely should. There's a special doodle that celebrates the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, launching on the small screen, complete with console beeps, transporter effects, alien planets, a red shirt, and a certain alien species that I won't reveal. Like other doodles, you have to click through a series of events to eventually launch the custom search for Star Trek.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art