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Tim Russ

Starbase Indy: Nov 26-28, An Indianapolis Star Trek & Sci-fi Convention

Starbase Indy: Nov 26-28, An Indianapolis Star Trek & Sci-fi Convention

We can’t help but love the fan-run cons. From the better vantage points and intimacy that a small crowd offers to the camaraderie you feel walking around the floor, they are gems twinkling all throughout the country. Well, we’re here to tell you about another fan-run convention on the horizon. Starbase Indy will be holding their convention in Indianapolis, Nov 26-28. What better way to celebrate your Thanksgiving Day weekend than to be thankful for Star Trek? So far they have a mini Voyager “reunion” happening with their current lineup of guests, including; Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips, and Manu Intiraymi. Other guests include actor Deborah Downey (TOS, The Way to Eden), cartoonist/illustrator David Reddick (STARTREK.COM), and musical guests Five Year Mission.

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In A 1987 Studio Memo

The TNG Cast That Never Was, Revealed In '87 Studio Memo

Over the years, we've all heard stories about certain actors who were up for roles on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", but for one reason or other didn't want or get the part.  Now, thanks to (via, we have an April 1987 dated Paramount studio memo that sheds light on the actually prospects for the TNG crew.  

Among the many names listed, Yaphet Kotto was up for the role of Captain Picard, Ben Murphy (Alias Smith & Jones) was a candidate for Riker (spelled Ryker in the memo), Denise Crosby was considered to play Troi, & kid's game show host J.D. Roth was the only actor listed for Wesley.  Here's something that we learned at Vegas Khhaaan (that the memo confirms, Eric Menyuk (aka The Traveler from TNG) was a possibility for our lovable android, Data.

Tim Russ - Amateur Astronomer - Interview

Tim Russ - Amateur Astronomer

Tim Russ was recently interviewed on an episode of "365 Days of Astronomy", an amateur astronomy podcast.  As reported by, Tim is a amateur astronomer himself and discusses his favorite star gazing equipment and his general interest in astronomy. 

Below is the transcript of the podcast.

Tim Russ (Tuvok) Interview

Tim Russ (Tuvok) Interview

Dan Madsen recenetly had the privelage of interviewing Tim Russ (Tuvok - Voyager) in an exclusive for  The interview covers Tim's acting career as well as his thoughts on the new JJ Abrams film 'Star Trek'.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art