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Gene Roddenberry

Own Gene Roddenberry's Mac Plus - Model 0001

Own Gene Roddenberry's Mac Plus - Model 0001

As reported by the Cult of Mac, Gene Roddenberry's very own Mac Plus is set to be auction this October in a sale that will also feature one of Michael Jackson white sequined gloves.

The Mac Plus — serial number F4200NUM0001 — was given to Roddenberry in January 1986. The auction house expects it to fetch $800-$1200.

Roddenberry created Star Trek in 1964 as an intergalactic cowboy saga, a “Wagon Train to the Stars.”

Darlene Roddenberry's Personal Affects Up For Auction

Darlene Roddenberry's Personal Affects Up For Auction

As reported by PRweb, several items from the late Darlene Roddenberry (only daughter of Gene Roddenberry) have gone up for bid on the internet auction site Ebay.  Included are several autographed items and some Star Trek memorabilia.

Early Days Of The Sci-fi Channel & Gene Roddenberry

Early Days Of Sci-fi ChannelIn an on-going series Mitchell Rubenstein (co-founder of the Sci-fi channel) discusses the early days of starting Sci-fi and meeting extraordinary people.  In part 3, he talks of his first meeting with Gene Roddenberry on the Paramount lot.

We met Gene at his office at Paramount Studios. Laurie and I had never before set foot on a studio lot. After the usual pleasantries, he said, “How’d you like a tour of the Star Trek set?”

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