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Eric Bana

Star Trek XII Will Be Bana-less

Star Trek XII Will Bana-less

As reported by Ace Showbiz, Star Trek XII will be one cast member short.  Eric Bana will not be reprising his role as Nero.  We kinda figured Nero wouldn't be back in the sequel, considering he was last seen exploding in a black hole.  But, weirder things have happened.

Eric Bana Enjoyed Playing A Baddie

Eric Bana Enjoyed Playing A Baddie

In a recent interview with ITN, Eric Bana talks about what it was like playing Nero, why he enjoyed the part so much, and his upcoming project with Seth Rogan & Adam Sandler.

He said of the part: "It is fun playing a baddie. I think it's nice not being the lead where you're in a position where you're not the moral compass of the story. You're there to provide the dramatic impetus.

"It's invigorating and it's also fun having making up and essentially visually disappearing."

Eric Bana Embrases Nero & Trek Fans

Eric Bana Embrases Nero & Trek Fans

In a recent article with, Eric Bana discusses all the enthusiastic and sometimes negative energy surrounding the new J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek'.  He also talked about playing baddie Nero and how he enjoyed losing his own identity in the Romulan makeup.

Eric Bana On Details Mag Cover In May

Eric Bana On Details Mag Cover In MayEric Bana, who plays Nero in the upcoming J.J. Abrams film 'Star Trek', will be featured in the May issue of Details Magazine. In the article he talks about living in Melbourne, life as a stand up comic, and his love for racing.

"When it comes to projects, I'm kind of like a wine taster—all the labels are taken off," he says. "Melbourne is just the right amount of distance that I can make decisions that are not influenced by fear or hype or FOMO—fear of missing out."

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