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October 24th

The Shat Invades The Great White North With His One Man Show; "How Time Flies: An Evening With William Shatner"

The Shat Invades The Great White North With His One Man Show; "How Time Flies: An Evening With William Shatner"

Calling all Trek fans in The Great White North. William "The Shat" Shatner will be performing his one man show How time Flies: An Evening With William Shatner at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, MB tomorrow night (October 25th). The is just The Shat & only The Shat and according to the show synopsis, Bill will be taking attendees on a wild ride through his life and career and singing songs as only he can. That's right, the Captain will be singing. Oh how I wish we could be in Canada tomorrow night. Tickets are still available, by the way, but if you miss this show, Bill will be stopping in Toronto November 3rd and Montreal November 4th. Doors open for tomorrow night's performance 6:30pm, with the show at 7:30pm. VIP tickets are available and include an after Party, VIP laminate, souvenir, and a photo op/meet & greet with William Shatner after the show. Check out more info & the official show video below.CONTINUE READING >>

October 23rd

Remembering Star Trek TNG's "Stage 9 Interlopers"

Remembering Star Trek TNG's "Stage 9 Interlopers"

A few years back we were searching the internet for TNG related videos and ran across an interesting set of youtube shorts that featured two buffoons traipsing through stage 9 on the paramount lot. Called "Stage 9 Interlopers", the 4 part series showed an after hours break-in with one of the balding goofballs actually donning a one piece Starfleet uniform and giving a tour of the set. I've been trying to find these videos for years now to no avail. Youtube pulled them shortly after I discovered the set and I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy since. Traveling from the transporter room to engineering and then on to sickbay the two "interlopers" talked about stealing parts of the set and at one point tried to mount a sickbay bed damaging it & causing the bed to topple over. Some of the best parts of the video series showed the special effects dummy used in "Conspiracy". You know the one where Picard and Riker phaser Lt. Cmdr Remmick's head until it explodes...CONTINUE READING >>

October 22nd

Help Support His New Project & Get A Personalized Voicemail Greeting From Star Trek: DS9's Armin Shimerman

Help Support His New Project & Get A Personalized Voicemail Greeting From Star Trek: DS9's Armin Shimmerman

Armin Shimerman (Quark DS9) is onboard a brand new project called The Sublime and Beautiful that's seeking funding through the every popular Kickstarter. With various donation levels, one in particular caught our attention; for a $60 donation you can have a personalized outgoing voicemail message from Quark. This is limited to the first 60 donors, but how cool would it be to have that fabulous Ferengi on your voicemail message? Maybe he could berate the callers for being to cheap, or maybe blame his idiot brother Rom for your not being able to answer the phone. The possibilities are endless. Not only will you get the personalized greeting, but you'll also be helping an independent production get off the ground. The film has an interesting premise that deals with the heavy subject of grief and loss and has been on the drawing board for nearly eight years.CONTINUE READING >>

October 19th

Star Trek's John De Lancie On The SciFi Diner Podcast

Our good friends Scott & Miles from The SciFi Diner Podcast just posted another awesome interview with none other than Q, Star Trek's John De Lance. Recorded at this year's Shore Leave convention John discusses his new projects including Torchwood: Miracle Day and of course his time as that mischievous omnipotent being on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, & Star Trek: Voyager. As you guys & gals know, The SciFi Diner is one of our favorite podcasts and you should definitely check out the rare interview with John De Lance. You won't be disappointed. See the episode details below.

The SciFi Diner Podcast Episode 114:
John de Lancie (born March 20, 1948) is an American actor. He is best known for his recurring role as Q on the various Star Trek series and as Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1.CONTINUE READING >>

October 17th

Check Out The First Official Trailer For Larry Nemecek's "The Con Of Wrath"

Our good friend and Trek aficionado Larry Nemecek has just released a brand new trailer for his upcoming documentary, The Con of Wrath. Breaking the production announcement back in May, Larry's new doc will focus on the infamous 1982 "Ultimate Fantasy" convention that almost ended in failure. The new film is described as an inside look at a 1982 Star Trek Convention that made history of its own. The new trailer, that was previewed at San Diego Comic-con, & Vegas Khhaaan!, features clips of Wrath of Khan producer Harve Bennett & Trek star Walter Koenig.

More about The Con of Wrath: It was supposed to be the granddaddy of all Star Trek conventions, a glitzy rock concert of an event planned to truly go where none had gone before—complete with laser shows, orchestral oomph and a revolving stage in Houston’s NBA-sized arena. Instead, fans got the mother of all meltdowns—and, numbering in the hundreds, rather than thousands, gave it the nickname that itself was a takeoff on “The Wrath of Khan,” the hit Star Trek movie sequel released only days before.CONTINUE READING >>

October 15th

William Shatner's latest "Singing" Adventure "Seeking Major Tom" Available Now

So, how do we describe William Shatner's singing career? Well, it's more of a speaking career, right? Starting with his famous "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" released in 1968 on the album "The Transformed Man". The Shat interspersed Shakespeare throughout the album with other hits like "Mr. Tambourine Man" & "It was a very good year". Next, we move on to his live double album released in 1977 that features Sir Billiam (still trying) reciting scenes from "Cyrano de Bergerac" & "War of the Worlds". Unfortunately though, there were no top forty hits to be found on that vinyl. Then, out of the blue 1978 rolls along and we see The Shat performing his famous (or infamous) rendition of Elton John's "Rocket man" on the The Science Fiction Film Awards, which he hosted, by the way. Over the years Bill has "sang" many-a-song with his tongue firmly placed in his cheek and the most recent release is no different.CONTINUE READING >>

October 13th

Commander Riker & His Beard To Host Sci-Fi At The Pops In Seattle

Commander Riker & His Beard To Host Sci-Fi At The Pops In Seatle

"What's the hardest part of being you?" ...and the young man replied "Mustache." Every time I think of that Peoples Court defendant and internet meme, I die a little inside. Why? Because it absolutely kills me. Well, that dude's mustache has got nothin' on the intergalactically renowned facial follicles of one Cmdr. William T. Riker. The Beard, as we like to call it, got almost as much action as Captain Kirk. Almost. Where am I going with this you ask? If you live in Seattle, you have the opportunity to experience The Beard with a backing symphony. The Seattle Symphony, with guest conductor Victor Vanacore, opens the 2011–2012 Seattle Pops Series with a special program dedicated to the music of sci-fi. Aptly called "Sci-Fi At The Pops ", the series will feature the music of Star Trek, Star Wars (never heard of it), E.T. (not the Cheech & Chong version), Avatar, and more. Plus, it's hosted by Jonathan "The Beard" Frakes. The series starts tomorrow (October 13, 2011), at 7:30pm and runs through Sunday (October 16th).CONTINUE READING >>

October 12th

Zachary Quinto Is "Shifting" Into Star Trek Mode For XII

While we know that Star Trek XII is heading into production in early 2012, we're kind in the dark about the true nature of the film. We've been trying to stay away from the rumor mill and focus on hard facts about the next installment of the JJ-verse. We do, however enjoy hearing from the stars of Star Trek XI and Zachary Quinto is no exception. He recently sat down with the Orlando Sentinel to discuss his upcoming movie Margin Call and of course the topic quickly switched to his role as everyone's favorite pointy eared Vulcan... No, no...Sybok.

During the interview, Zachary talks about the opportunities that his role in Star Trek provides; “Starting my production company is something that ‘Star Trek’ allowed me to do, I could utilize that exposure and parlay it into opportunities that would allow me to tell my own kind of stories instead of stories other people see me in. It’s all tied into Star Trek. It put me in a position to have access that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I wanted to use that access to tell my own sorts of stories, with me involved in telling them.”

When asked about the upcoming sequel, Star Trek XII, Zachary states: “I’m starting to shift into that mode of preparation, I have physical training and other ways of prepping for it. None of us have seen the script. We’re all very curious to see where he’s taking us this time. We’re going on rumors, little hints here and there, stories we’ve been told.”CONTINUE READING >>

October 9th

Happy Birthday To Star Trek Enterprise's Captain Archer, Scott Bakula

Happy Birthday To Star Trek Enterprise's Captain Archer, Scott Bakula

It's been a long road, gettin' from there to here... Okay, many of you are probably groaning by now, so I'll spare you the rest of the song, but who out there doesn't love the captain of the NX-01? I remember hearing about Enterprise shortly after the demise of Voyager and learning that Sam Beckett (AKA Scott Bakula) would be taking the reigns as the next captain (or first) of Starfleet's flagship. Oh man, I was stoked. You see, I absolutely loved Quantum Leap and remember thinking that Scott was the perfect choice. Through the unfortunately short run of Enterprise, Scott surely didn't disappoint. So, why not say happy birthday to the man who brought life to the first captain, Scott Bakula. He turns 57 today.

We've heard nothing but glowing compliments from Scott's former co-stars. Like, How he's the nicest guy in show business, or how "He's the calm voice of reason" according to Anthony Montgomery. Enterprise director LeVar burton had this to say about Scott; "His leadership is absolutely vital to the life and health of the show." Jolene Blalock continued; "I can go to him with any problem. He, I know, will have my back no matter what. " It's not often that you hear this kind of praise from other actors in the business we call show.CONTINUE READING >>

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