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Archive - Sep 6, 2011


Video Interview: Rod Roddenberry Talks "Trek Nation" & The Star Trek Legacy

Video Interview: Rod Roddenberry Talks Trek Nation & The Star Trek Legacy

In an interview with Live Fit Magazine and recorded at San Diego Comic Con, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry talks about the forthcoming documentary Trek Nation that's set for release this fall. As many of you know, Science Channel and Roddenberry Productions are partnering to release Trek Nation in October November to be aired on Science. Honestly, we've been looking forward to Trek Nation since we first heard about it back in 2005. It's been a long time coming, but we really do feel that this will be the Trek fan documentary to watch.

Trek Nation strikes a strong balance between exploring a science fiction phenomenon and relating a very universal story between a son and his father. I have every confidence that Star Trek fans and non-Star Trek fans alike are going to enjoy the film." Says Rod. Along with Trek Nation, Live Fit discussed Rod's other passion, scuba Diving.CONTINUE READING >>

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