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Chris Pine On Meeting William Shatner

Chris Pine On Meeting William ShatnerOver the weekend William Shatner hosted his 19th annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show in Burbank, CA.  Several celebrities were in attendance including the second man to take on the role of Captain James T. Kirk.  In an article by, Chris Pine talks about the intergalactic meeting.

"I saw Bill last night actually for the first time at his charity show in Burbank," Pine revealed today. "He was very kind and it was a very short meeting.  He had a lot of people to see. It was big event that had been taking place all day, but my interaction with him has only been really wonderful."

Also revealed, J.J. Abrams had planned a cameo appearance for The Shat in the new movie 'Star Trek'.

"We had a scene with him in it that we wrote.  A sort of flashback thing, but Bill made it clear he didn't just want to do a cameo," Abrams says. "So, we ended up realizing it would change the whole story to bring him back to life. We had to bite the bullet and move forward without Shatner.  We would have loved to work with him." (source

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