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Future Birth Place of Kirk To Get 'Star Trek' One Day Early

Future Birth Place of Kirk To Get 'Star Trek' One Day EarlyOfficially recognized for 25 years as the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, Riverside Iowa and it's residents will get the new J..J. Abrams film 'Star Trek' on May 6th.  One full day earlier than the official release date.

....Capt. James T. Kirk, the central character in the futuristic sci-fi franchise that has spawned not only movie sequels but multiple TV series and endless memorabilia, surpassed only by George Lucas' "Star Wars" universe. The new movie, a prequel to the original 1960s TV series in which William Shatner portrayed Kirk, includes scenes of the U.S.S. Enterprise spacecraft being built near Riverside.

Tickets to the Star Trek sneak preview will be available to Riverside residents on a first-come, first-served basis at The Voyage Home – Riverside History Center. A few tickets also will be given away to the general public through Cedar Rapids radio station KZIA-FM 102.9. (source Des Moines Register)

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