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New Star Trek Online Costume Packs, Vulcan & Federation Ships, & Melee Weapons à la Amok Time

New Star Trek Online Costume Packs, Vulcan & Federation Ships, & Melee Weapons à la Amok Time

Cryptic studios recently added more player purchasable items to the Star Trek Online C-store. New items include Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (i.e. USS Prometheus form Voyager), a new federation costume pack that gives you an open jacket option (like Picard's captain's variant uniform from TNG), new melee weapons, and finally Vulcan science vessels and support craft. We're especially excited about the melee weapons pack because it includes the Vulcan Lirpa from the TOS episode "Amok Time". Ya know, dah dah daaah daaah daaah daah dah dah dah.... anyway, you get the idea. Now we can only hope that appropriate music plays when wielding the lirpa. Oh, and, that our character's shirt gets slashed at the midriff. Check out the new C-store updates below.

Federation Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
(1200 Atari Tokens)

Designed for the U.S.S. Prometheus in the 2370s, multi-vector assault mode was removed from later vessels to give the Starfleet Corps of Engineers more time to perfect the technology. Now the Federation Multi-Vector Advanced Escort is the ultimate tactical vessel! The Multi-Vector Advanced Escort has seven weapons slots (4 fore, 3 aft), seats for five bridge officers (1 Ensign Tactical; 1 Lieutenant Tactical; 1 Commander Tactical; 1 Lieutenant Engineering; 1 Lieutenant Commander Science) and space for nine console modifications (2 Engineering, 3 Science, 4 Tactical). It carries a crew of 150 and has a Multi-Vector Assault Module that can be slotted into any console modification slot, granting the ship three new abilities. Each of the abilities of a Multi Vector Assault Module activates Multi-Vector Assault Mode, which splits the ship into three sections and allows you to command one of those sections in battle. Each section has different capabilities. The Multi-Vector Assault Module may be removed from the ship's console modifications, but it cannot be slotted on any ships but a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort or an Advanced Escort. Note: Purchase of the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort unlocks this ship for all Federation characters of Vice Admiral rank on an account. The Multi-Vector Advanced Escort also is available in-game per character via Emblems.

Federation Costume Pack: Open Jacket
(240 Atari Tokens)

In the mood for a new look for your Starfleet captain? Finding the high collars of the regulation uniforms a bit restrictive? You need the Open Jacket costume pack! With an amazing 20 costume variants, this costume pack offers style and value for the discriminating officer. The Open Jacket costume pack includes options for 2409 uniforms, open jackets for DS9 and TNG movie uniforms and the Command Variant Turtleneck.

Melee Weapon Pack
(240 Atari Tokens)

Kri’Stak Blade (Klingon Bat’leth), Seleya Cermonial Lirpa (Vulcan Lirpa) When Kahless the Unforgettable created the first bat'leth, he forged the blade in the fires of the Kri'stak volcano. For hundreds of years, blade masters from the Kri'stak region have created some of the finest bat'leths in the Empire in his honor. The Kri'stak Blade is an uncommon bat'leth that increases in effectiveness as you level and has a small bonus to critical severity and damage.

Vulcan D'Kyr Science Vessel and Vulcan Tal'Kyr Support Craft
(1,200 Atari Tokens)

This Vulcan starship has been in continual use since the 22nd century, although the Vulcans have continually upgraded its technology. First used as a combat cruiser by the Vulcan High Command, later versions of the D'Kyr were used for planetary defense, scientific exploration and rescue missions. Now the Vulcan government has agreed to share the designs for the D'Kyr with Starfleet. The D'Kyr has six weapons slots (3 fore, 3 aft), seats for five bridge officers (Lieutenant Tactical, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Ensign Science, Lieutenant Science and Commander Science) and space for eight console modifications (4 Science, 2 Engineering, 2 Tactical). It carries a crew of 300, has a buff to detect cloaked vessels, sensor analysis and subsystem targeting. The D'Kyr can also launch a Tal'Kyr Support Craft, which will follow you or an ally and support you by repairing shields and hull. The Tal'Kyr is not a combat craft, and will only attack targets of opportunity. If it takes heavy damage, you must redock with it to make it functional again.

Acquiring the D'Kyr Science Vessel also unlocks access to the Vulcan Tal'Kyr Support Craft (available at the shuttle store on Starbase 39-Sierra). This shuttle has two fore weapons slots, seats for two bridge officers (2 Ensign Science) and space for three console modifications (2 Science, 1 Engineering). It carries a crew of 25, has a buff to detect cloaked vessels and is equipped with a plasma turret and photon torpedo launcher that increase in effectiveness as you level. These special weapons may be equipped on shuttles only. In addition, the Tal'Kyr has SIF Transfer, which will repair hull damage.

(source Star Trek Online)

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